Mr. Matthew L. MacDowell

Award winning marketing leader in Lakeville, Minnesota. Experienced WordPress website developer. Overall humble genius.

Making the process of building a website suck less…one interaction at a time. Offering full service WordPress web design and development, creating good looking, functional, useful and easy to use WordPress websites. Creative intelligence gathering, research, insights, for business, litigation support, or personal hire. Reputation management - removing online content that is damaging your companies or personal brand, removing it for good so you can get on with focusing on what's in your future not dealing with whats in your past.

Less over-complicating, great communication, delivering actual results. That's how we are going win together.

I effectively customize your WordPress website to perform for you. I believe that a website should produce a result, it should return its investment and deliver ongoing, scaleable results. Thats why I do this. I help you drive leads, rank your website in the search results with organic content and best practices. While fine tuning KPI's (a fancy term for the top things you want visitors of your website to do once they land on your page). For example: If you are a contractor, lawyer, dentist, or any other service provider - I want you to receive high quality leads, at a frequency that is above any of your competitors in your market.  It's a simple belief, but not shared amongst all website developers.

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