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Professional, local digital marketing growth hacker: Mr. Matthew L. MacDowell - Located in Lakeville, Minnesota. Specializing on WordPress website development, negative online content deletion, and creative intelligence that deliver goal focused outcomes with measurable results to ultimately help you win more.

How he does it:

  Industry Experience / Expertise

   Decisions Driven by Data

  Paramilitary Experience

Matt MacDowell Marketing Minnesota Website Professional

About Mr. MacDowell - Dedicated. Adventures. Innovative.

Mr. MacDowell is a natural leader who has a simple and practical approach to leadership that allows people and organizations to invest quickly in the process and deliver outstanding results.

MacDowell was born in Hawaii. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he earned a BS in Business Administration / Marketing from The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business and has lived and worked in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and currently resides in Lakeville, Minnesota with his wife and two sons (with a baby girl on the way!).

Local WordPress Developer Freelancer

Your Questions

Yes, in fact almost all of Mr. MacDowell's clients and customers are local Minnesota businesses - Mr. MacDowell is located in Lakeville, Minnesota
Mr. MacDowell builds WordPress websites, help clients with creative information - data and assist customers with removing negative online content.
We agree - these three solutions may not seem to fit from the outside - however after years of boiling down service offerings, Mr. MacDowell decided that these are the most impactful, directly able to track ways that Mr. MacDowell can deliver ROI results in a very measurable way.
It's not a great business choice - however Mr. MacDowell believes that reducing distractions and emerging himself into one specific project at a time consistently returns a higher quality deliverable result.

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Over the past 15 years, Mr. MacDowell has helped hundreds of companies, individual businesses and local entrepreneurs create their own online personalities and present their product or service in an individual and selling way for their customers.