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Over the past 15 years, Mr. MacDowell has helped hundreds of companies, individual businesses and local entrepreneurs create their own online personalities and present their product or service in an individual and selling way for their customers.

If you are thinking of moving your current website to WordPress site with an updated new look and functionality, if you want to be able easily manage the content, add new content and edit the content on your Word Press Website, get more customers or just want to build a new WordPress website from scratch, Mr. MacDowell does all of it. and more!

  Custom WordPress Design - I deliver ready-made solutions, creating designs and WordPress themes from scratch, which means for the most effective website for your company and the look and feel to amplify your companies branding online.

  Mobile Friendly - Many people underestimate the importance of seamless work of their website on mobile devices, to desktop and tablet devices. Google now uses this as a major ranking factor when they find where to list your site in search results. It should be just expected, but you would be suprised how many local website developers do not want to do the extra work to ensure website compatibility on all devices.

  Turnkey - Another reason to work with Mr. MacDowell is that we take care of all the details, we work with you - however sometimes you just want to pay a fair price to have your new WordPress site completed without having to do all of the technical legwork - you want a website that works, delivers results, and is easy to work with. "We get it." so "You got it." Simple - the way it should be.

  Experienced - Over the past 15 years, I helped hundreds of companies and individual businesses to create their own online personalities and present their product or service in an individual and useful way for their customers.

  One Project at a Time - This is the reason that I have never been able to scale my business, but I believe in it deeply. I work with one client at a time. We all only have "so many shits" to give in any given day. When you hire MacDowell you get all of the attention. It's all about delivering the highest quality results to good people and knowing that someone is working on it for you. (not prioritizing other projects for any reason)


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Let's get started. Making the process of building a new website or updating your current WordPress site suck less…one interaction at a time. Offering full service WordPress web design and development, creating good looking, functional, useful and easy to use WordPress websites.

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